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Check out the new website, be sure to view our gallery for exclusive picture, and to sign up for our newsletter to receive deals on upcoming events. Al’s Millennium Cuts was established in April of 2000 by Alex Martinez. The business, located at 415 East Main Street and quickly grew and became a busy and prosperous business. Starting with just two barbers, the need doubled within two months and continued to quickly grow throughout the next few years. In 2004, Mr. Martinez/Al decided to expand his business to serve women as well in opening Al’s Millennium Salon which also was well taken on by clients. April 20, 2010 Marked the 10 year anniversary of the Barbershop and business at this time was better than ever. The shop was a place that each customer was made comfortable and enjoyed coming each week. Friendly environment. Although there may have been obstacles at certain times since opening the barbershop and salon the biggest came in June of 2010 at which the business was hit by a tornado during normal business hours. Luckily nobody was injured but the damage to the building and surrounding area was too great to continue operating at this location. At this time the decision was made to open both the salon and barbershop combined in one location while in search of the perfect location to reopen Al’s Millennium Cuts. ?Over the next 8 months Alex and all of the staff of Al’s Millennium Cuts/ Salon was happy to see all the support received from customers who continued to come to the shop, show support and even help in the search for this new location. ?In February of 2011 a new location was found that seemed perfect to accommodate both the salon and barbershop so that all of the staff could continue to work together. This new location, located on Main Street in Bridgeport, CT seems to be a location that will allow for all of the regular customers as well as have the ability to accommodate any new clients that are always welcome. ?Al and the Al’s Millennium Cut’s staff/crew look forward to the grand opening in this new location and thanks all of the customers who have supported throughout the years and will continue to do so. More Coming Soon.